“As a Line Producer I have worked on a variety of Productions that have used Avalon Studios as a complete production base which offers everything – production offices, multiple studios, full art department workshops, Costume & Make-up facilities, greenrooms, ample parking and backlot space – the complete package as well as a knowledgeable and helpful bunch of people who run this facility. Always a pleasure to work there”.

Chris Tyson. Line Producer  (War Stories/Paradise Café/Emu)



Avalon Studios is the perfect place to make TV drama, live audience shows, light entertainment specials, Television Commercials and even has facilities ready to originate TV channels.

It is a central communications hub with all Telco’s having fibre and other services into the complex.

With the complete range of Television production services available it is without question the best and most efficient facility in the country to make Television.

With a knowledgeable, supportive and flexible team to assist you in shaping your production schedule in the most cost effective way for your TV production at the studios. Contact us anytime (refer to contact details).