Discover Wellington

Wellington has an extensive network of film and television friendly organisations ready to assist your production.

Not only does Wellington’s infrastructure network throughout the region support the industry but there is a network of organisations such as Film Wellington, the New Zealand Film Commission (“NZFC”), the NZ School of Dance, the NZ Drama School and highly  supportive local government regional Councils that can help with everything your production might need from location permits, sourcing talent, access to some special locations and any production related advice or assistance.

As well as these support organisations there is a highly collaborative group of Film and TV industry participating companies providing digital animation services, specialised visual effects and a wide variety of other industry related services. There is also an extensive network of film services suppliers in Wellington providing crewing, lighting, sound design, rigging, location scouting and the other requisite film craft offerings.

The Wellington City region has a great range of accommodation options with top class hotels, a vibrant café culture, fast and reliable telecommunication networks, efficient major banking services and logistics operators. The central CBD enjoys free city wide Wi-Fi services so you can always keep in touch with any of the extensive network providers via the internet.

Wellington is the home of the NZ Government so what better location to connect to those political influencers, and enjoy a business friendly environment.