Avalon Studios is an independently owned and operated Television and Film Studio company, providing a diverse range of production facilities, delivered with a consummate level of customer service.

Launched in 1975 – to purpose built specifications – for the government owned TVNZ, Avalon Studios has the backing of a great legacy, an extensive list of TV shows, feature films, advertising campaigns and media events – making use of arguably the finest television studios in New Zealand.

Avalon is a comprehensive facility, with a wide range of equipment/sound stages/sound mixing/ post-production suites and a highly experienced and skilled workforce available on demand.

Part of a vibrant and internationally renowned film and television sector in Wellington – Avalon is a key ingredient of the city’s creative history. Located 20 minutes from downtown Wellington and 30 minutes from the airport, Avalon Studios is a hub with great proximity to the city and a geographic midway point to access New Zealand’s renowned landscapes and awe inspiring locations.

The studios are built with large concrete sound proof walls and with lighting rigs that enable fast set turnarounds. The control rooms are fully equipped for standard and high definition production and the facility is well connected to fibre optic data networks. These features are ideal for live television production and transmission work.

Avalon also has post production facilities available, and four of its studios can double as sound stages that can be used for shooting small to medium sized films. Plus auxiliary areas around the facility, such as the construction and storage area, the back lot, the garden set and wet stage are also used as space for film shoots. Avalon’s attraction extends beyond the studio walls

New Zealand Film Commission and Film New Zealand provide facilitation frameworks and financial incentives – making New Zealand an attractive and economic choice for both domestic and international ventures. Located in film-friendly Wellington with talented crews and a city which facilitates on-location shoots through efficient processing of permits, road closures and traffic management services. Close proximity to Sir Peter Jackson’s Wellington-based, world leading visual effects and post production studios – used in Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Avatar.

Located on a 2.45 hectare property in Lower Hutt, Wellington, these studios have an extensive back lot, production offices, helicopter pad, café and ample parking.


With a mammoth show reel that spans 1975 to the present day, Avalon is a studio canvas – a living archive, recording the evolution of television/film in New Zealand and productions with an international audience.

From its inception Avalon has been a place to bring dreams to life. On March 17 1975 those dreams became reality with a purpose-built complex, meeting state-of-the-art contemporary standards, whilst looking ahead to the future. A studio facility with the elasticity and vision to accommodate a variety of productions.

Passion fuelled drama productions to feature films to game shows – the range of studios facilities and supporting amenities means that almost anything is possible at Avalon Studios.

Reel back through time, from the brown & beige wide tie brigade in the 1970s – to the skinny tie & neon 1980s – through the 1990s and 2000s and discover a catalogue of productions that measure the sign of the times to a pinpoint. Also a studio environment fostering a band of iconic shows, with decades to their name – institutional shows formed in Avalon studios that helped nurture a national/cultural identity.

Whatever the project, throughout its chameleon history – Avalon has stepped up to the plate, providing a ‘world famous in New Zealand – but now world renowned’ attitude to making things happen. With its bespoke, purpose built facility, this is a legacy that Avalon carries into the future.

So many people with their sweat, tears and creative vision are part of this legacy. It forms a standard, a template to carry through into a new era – a vision of open ended possibilities and intrinsic pragmatism at the core of Avalon DNA.


Showreel – Some Highlights from the Avalon Archive

1975 – Present / Country Calendar / Iconic show of the true stories in New Zealand’s rich rural culture.

1975 – 1983 / Close to Home / New Zealand’s first soap opera.

1975 – 1990 / Ready to Roll / For 3 decades, the definitive music video countdown of the pop charts.

1977 – 1997 / Fair Go / An intrinsic part of Kiwi DNA, the show that ensures consumer are getting a good deal.

1980 – 1982 / Lynn of Tawa / Before ‘Kath & Kim’ there was Lynn of Tawa, a sit-com parody of suburban life.

1981 – 1987 / McPhail & Gadsby / Comedy sketches from NZ’s leading comedians of the day, lampooning topics of the day.

1982 – 2003 / What Now / Children’s variety show

1987 – 2012 / Lotto, Big Wednesday, Telebingo / The live draw that creates instant millionaires.

1987 – 1991 / Krypton Factor / The show that searches for the ultimate human being, measuring brain and brawn.

1992 – 1996 / Wheel of Fortune / Iconic game show.

1998 – 2000 / Backchat / A panel discussion of current affairs.

2005 – 2011 / Good Morning / Magazine style show with lifestyle features.

2005 – 2009 / Dancing with the Stars / Where the stars hit the dance floor.

2008 – 2012 / Paradise Café /Kidult drama series.

2009 – 2013 / Small Blacks / A children’s rugby show.

2012  Fresh Meat / A comedy-horror feature film.

2014 – Consent – Louise Nicholas Story (Telefeature)